Having Never heard about Fiji and coming to do Mission Work here was a  Nervous yet Exciting Experience for 26-year-old Zimbabwean-born-Rutendo Mahachi.

Rutendo is here on a Two-year Program under the United Methodist Church Global Fellows Program under the The United Methodist Church.

The Program allows hundreds of youths from from all over the world to leave their home countries and serve in different contexts throughout the world, where they can grow in Faith and Leadership.

When I was first told I was coming to Fiji, I didn’t even know anything about Fiji. I was so nervous yet Excited about this experience leaving home for the very first time. So far the Experience has been Amazing coming here to Fiji has been Super Amazing, the people are so friendly even when they don’t know you

She hopes to make a Difference while here especially empowering local women and letting women know they are valued. Mahachi encourages others out there that if you have a Passion to Make a Difference in the community, then Go for it.


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