The Commander RFMF Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto whilst officiating at the opening of the Officers Grade 2 course at the RFMF’s Officers Training Centre in Vatuwaqa inspired the course participants by saying that the fact that they are part of the course is a message in itself.

“I am delighted to come and spend a few minutes with you this morning and for me personally this course is an achievement in itself as the last course was conducted in 2011,” he said.

He thanked the team and defence partners that have assisted in putting together the revised course syllabus which he said was more modern and more appropriate.

“While the fundamentals of war and strategy may somehow remain it’s the tactics that changes overtime.

This is driven by technology and the environment that one operates in,” said the Commander.

He also emphasised that Grade 2 course is perhaps the highest level of tactics training they will come across in their career which can also be the make or break in their military profession.

Nevertheless he said they need to take the challenge and aim high as there are offers of officer’s staff training overseas in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and China.

The Commander RFMF said that because of the changes that is taking place at every levels of society which he termed as ‘individualistic society’, it is now a bigger challenge for leaders to try and pull their subordinates in.

He stressed the influence emotional intelligence has on leaders.

Rear Admiral Naupoto said it was important that they see the good that is in a person and as leaders they need to make that person sees it than create an environment where that person brings out that goodness in him for the benefit of all.

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