In 2015 around 322 Million Tons of plastic were produced worldwide according to the World Economic Forum Report.

But in reality we use plastic on a daily basis but its finding ways to reuse once you are done with it, is the challenge.

This were some of the discussions shared during the 11th Global Plasticity Forum held in Suva this week amongst corporate stakeholders and  environmentalists from around the World.

UN Climate Champion-Dough Woodring says disposing plastic is all about Education and Awareness in our communities.

“So disposable goes back to education and awareness, are we that lazy that we can’t wash something that we can’t reuse something, there’s something I would call stupid plastic or unnecessary plastic which is all of the disposable things that we are just using we don’t wana clean it or we don’t wana go over to the bin and put it away”

The Founder of the Ocean Recovery Alliance organization says we still need to use plastics regardless.

“To get rid of the unnecessary things that we could survive without and really figure out how to focus on all other materials that we still need in our world and how to get that back in the second life and make value of that” 

The aim of the 2 day  forum is to find solutions for second – plastic use that can accommodate communities in the Region.


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