Imagine a day without water…

This will no longer be a reality for people of Kavanagasau Settlement and Dubalevu Village following the official commissioning of Ground Water Projects today.

The water project implemented by Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation (RPW) is a partnership project funded by Pleass Global Limited through its Natural Artesian Water VaiWai® and borehole drilled by Mineral Resource Departments Fiji. This will now provide safe drinking water and improved sanitation to approximately 31 households and 180 people.

The projects will be officially opened by Ms Cate Pleass – Pleass Global Limited Marketing and Human Resources Director and senior officials from Mineral Resource Department Fiji and Department of Water and Sewerage.

“The objective of both projects is to improve rural water supply to both communities and advance their sanitation and hygiene standards through awareness, capacity building and sustainable water resources management which will greatly contribute to overall improved living conditions and health of the people living in these communities,” said RPW Executive Officer Neil Maharaj.

Both communities did not have a functioning water system in place, relied on water from various sources such as rainwater, irrigation water, and carted water to meet their demands and some of the drinking water sources were not always safe as communities reported several typhoid cases prior to this project.

“With the generous partnership fund received from Pleass Global Limited through its premium brand Natural Artesian Water VaiWai®, we were able to process and equip the boreholes drilled by Mineral Resource Department Fiji to ensure the people had safe drinking water.”

Some houses in the communities did not have proper sanitation systems as constant water supply was an issue and now with functioning water system they will be able to build flush toilets and reduce water borne diseases.

“In Kavanagasau we equipped the borehole with pump, pump starter, and pump protection elements, constructed water treatment systems which treats the high level of manganese and iron, installed 10,000l storage tank, constructed break pressure tank and installed with complete water piping in the community.”

“In Dubalevu Village we ensured that the borehole was flood proof, installed two 10,000l storage tanks, installed pump starter and protection and completed piping in the community.”

To ensure the sustainability of the project RPW trained and equipped the Water Committees in both communities with skills for necessary operation and maintenance and for the community to take full ownership of the water system.

Realizing the potential of such partnerships, Rotary Pacific Water is very grateful to its platinum sponsor Pleass Global Limited through its Natural Artesian Water VaiWai®, Mineral Resource Department Fiji and Department of Water and Sewerage.

Rotary Pacific Water will continue to help rural communities that are facing difficulties with water supply, hygiene and sanitation. Since 2007 organization has supported 303 communities and invested approximately over FJD6 million in Fiji by maintaining its vision of enabling healthier communities through access to long term safer drinking water and adequate sanitation.

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