High Court Judge – Justice Thushara Rajasinghe, has ruled that there is a ‘case to answer’ for a former proposed candidate of the National Federation Party – who was initially charged with 7 counts of rape, and 4 counts of sexual assault.

However, Justice Rajasinghe had acquitted the man of 2 counts of rape and 2 counts of sexual assault.

The 66-year-old man is alleged to have raped and sexually assaulted his 54-year-old sister-in-law in Nasinu, in June last year.

Justice Rajasinghe has now ruled – that there is a’ case to answer’, for the remaining charges.

The accused gave evidence in court yesterday.

While taking the witness stand yesterday the accused denied all allegations laid against him.

He told the court that the complainant had done sexual acts on him although he told her he was in pain and had a medical problem.

The accused told the court that his medical issue was that he could not have an erection and he told her what she was doing to him was of no use.

He said after he moved away from the woman he told her he was dirty and requested for a towel to wash himself.

He later found out that he could not open the bathroom door and heard the complainant talking to a man.

He then heard someone running outside before the bathroom door burst open.

He told the court he was shocked to see men dressed in black with pompoms in the house, he thought they were robbers.

He said the men asked him what he was doing in the bathroom and what he had done.

He also told the court that he was allegedly punched a number of times.

The accused was reminded that the case was only about the allegations and what happened afterwards was beyond that scope.

Defence lawyer Devanesh Sharma asked the accused of all the allegations made against him which he denied.

The 66-year-old man is alleged to have raped and sexually assaulted his 54-year-old sister in law in Nasinu in June last year.

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