For nineteen-year-old Harshika Raju, her life is all about solving puzzles and she adores numbers.

Hence she decided to enrol at the Fiji National University (FNU) to pursue a Bachelor of Education Secondary (Mathematics and Physics).

The former Lautoka Central College student said sharing knowledge is her passion and she hopes to mold young minds and future leaders after graduating.

“I want to make a difference and be memorable in the lives of young people. To have them look back in years to come and remember me as their mentor, the one who instilled in them the love for numbers,” said Raju.

“I fondly remember my Maths teacher who showed me the importance of this subject in everyday life.”

Raju chose to study at FNU because of the practical experience she will gain before graduation.

“Since FNU is a highly recognised university, I decided to pursue my studies here and receive the highest quality of education I need to become a teacher,” she said.

Raju is confident that she has the ability and the capability to describe concepts in simple terms and enjoy helping others understand what may seem difficult to others.

“I thought of becoming a mathematics teacher, as I enjoy the challenge of taking apart a problem and dissecting it into little pieces and then putting it back together in a sensible manner,” the Lautoka lass said.

“I want to develop confidence in students in their mathematics abilities. I want to impart skills that I currently use and make it easy to remember by turning mathematics rules into chants that students can easily comprehend.”

According to Raju, mathematics develops the thinking ability of an individual, as solving a problem requires one to think of a whole coherent process.

“It can be said that mathematics is fundamental in the education of children, since maths teaches them to think,” she said.

With the aim to be an exceptional math teacher, Raju is already working on strategies to make mathematics fun and easy to understand.

Raju plans to further her education with FNU after gaining good teaching experience.

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