Villagers in Tamavua seized the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings with SODELPA Leader Sitiveni Rabuka during his campaign visit to Tamavua Village.

The villagers discussed openly issues that were of concern to them and Rabuka was happy with those present.

“We didn’t expect only those who supported SODELPA to be present here but for everyone to come and listen to what we have to say and to ask questions like ‘why we are different from other parties?’ and clarify anything and that’s the purpose of us being here. A few more days to reach Election Day.”

Rabuka also spoke about areas that the party is focusing on.

“Education, Health and Social Welfare are the areas that the party is to focus on. The welfare of the senior citizens; ladies and gentlemen and those who have retired. Even today some citizens would go to claim their FNPF and they be regarded as ‘Below the poverty line’ and that is something that we not allow to happen. Dignity of life will come when the social welfare is well cared for.”

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