A three-day border security desktop exercise to discuss and address border security issues was this morning opened by the Ministry of Defence and National Security Permanent Secretary, Osea Cawaru.
Speaking at the Novotel hotel in Lami, Cawaru highlighted that the focus of the exercise is to try and formulate a collective and binding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that encompasses all facets of challenges regarding border security enforcement.
“It is always an honour to see Border Agencies come together especially in a globalized context where interconnections and integration are key dynamics on how improved regulatory efficiency and effectiveness can be realised through greater coordination between border agencies during policy development and operational activities both domestically and internationally.”
He highlighted that taking into account the complexity of the evolving security environment; security management requires the participation of many actors and organisations that can work together to ensure fluidity in terms of policy and operational requirements.
“The increasingly complex and evolving security environment has a 360 degree dimension not only geographically speaking but also in terms of the wide range of actors and threats involved in potential crisis. External factors such as the easy access to new technologies cyber but also the use of social media know no border, no nationality or religion.”
The workshop is attended by various members of the border agencies around the country including those from the Australian Border Force.


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