Fiji”s Leading Luxury and Fine Shopping retailer- Prouds has partnered with the The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission today by entering into a Voluntary Compliance Framework as an initial Partner.

Prouds Director -Tajesh Patel says the new partnership with FCCC will ensure that customer grievances which could either relate to Product issues or customer service delivery is addressed at the shortest possible time to achieve Optimal Customer Satisfaction.

Prouds has become the First  Shopping Retailer to come on board to be part of the Six month Pilot Project in two Flagship stores in Prouds Suva Central and in Downtown Nadi, with the main Aim of delivering the Best Customer Service experience.

Patel says the framework will allow them to cover all the basics so they can be transparent with their Customers, be visible, and make sure their practices, pricing, and merchandise,  and more so marketing and advertising are compliant with the FCCC Legislation.

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission -CEO Joel Abraham says its exciting to have a prestigious Retailer like Prouds coming on board the Voluntary Compliance Framework.

Abraham says this is the model that will drive compliance level up in the Fijian market, promoting partnership within the framework  of consumer rights, established and agreed upon working relationship based on shared responsibility for better Trader and consumer practices.

Prouds will maintain a register of Records for all complaints and Remedial Action will be taken to resolve them.

Under the Framework FCCC will provide Training to the management and retail store staff to educate them on the Requirements of the FCCC Act .


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