President Jioji Konusi Konrote concluded his week-long Official Visit of his home island, Rotuma, but not before re-iterating and inspiring many Rotumans to lead a healthy lifestyle and to take care of their own environment.

 While visiting the Christ the King Primary School in Sumi on Rotuma, President Konrote planted 30 more tress with the teachers and students as part of the 4 million tree in 4 years campaign.

 President Konrote enlightened the students on the importance of sustainably managing their island environment.

 “Because of climate change we are having a lot of problem like soil erosion, coral bleaches, and changing weather pattern,” H.E Konrote said.

 In my capacity as the President I am also championing the fight against NCD.”

 “For your information Fiji tops the world as one of the country with the highest rate of diabetes and other NCD related ailments. This is nothing to be proud about,” Konrote said.

 “As parents, you need to feed your children with the right food to avoid having diabetes. Stop giving them genetically modified foods. It is alarming that in the world today, in every 6 seconds someone dies from diabetes,” H.E Konrote said.

 “Government has been advocating the Fijians to become productive citizens. However, NCD related ailments also affects productivity.”

 John Tami, a well-known retired secondary school teacher who is assisting the management of Christ the King Primary School in Rotuma praised President Konrote for his wisdom and inspiration.

 “To be visited by the President of Fiji, is a very special day for all of us. Especially because the President is the most distinguished and most decorated Rotuman,” Tami said.

 “The fact that His Excellency grew up in Rotuma makes us even more proud. And I hope that our young ones that are growing up will be inspired and aspire for greater things.”

 “We are thankful for your noble advice on NCD and living a healthy life. And making us aware of the negative impacts of climate change on Rotuma. We can see coastal erosions first hand. We can feel the rise in temperatures. Our corals have bleached.

“And I am very happy that the President has highlighted simple practical ways that cost us nothing but will empower us to actually do something, instead of just waiting for Government assistance.” Tami said.

‘Things like eating nutritious food, in Rotuma food and fruits are abundance. It is for us to actually change our mindset and follow the whole idea of wellness.” 

“I would like to thank you for your humility, for your integrity, for your simplicity, for your dedication and for your love and concern for the nation and especially for those of us who are in Rotuma,” Tami said.

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