Our allegiance is to the government of the day and not to any political affiliation.

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu did not mince his words when addressing the Two hundred and six new police recruits at the opening of the Basic Recruits Course today.

Tudravu gave the new recruits a strong reminder on their political stand.

He reminded the recruits that should they as police officers talk politics then clearly the force is not the place for them.

Tudravu says this even goes for any sort of speculation on the matter, that they need to exercise professionalism.

He says the Police Academy talks of service to the members of the community and they are guided by the laws of the land.

Tudravu also reminded the recuits that whilst they are wearing their uniforms to wear it with the full purpose of servicing the people, and not to talk politics.

There are fifty three females and one hundred and fifty three males in the Basic Recruits Course.

The Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu opened the Basic Recruits Course at the Fiji Police Academy this morning.

The training includes 6 officers from the Tuvalu Police Service.

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