There’s 20 more days to go for the 2018 General Elections.

While political parties and their respective candidates are continuing their campaigns , the weather too is playing it’s part.

Last night the National Federation Party had a pocket meeting at Ki Street in Wailoku with some residents attending.

According to NFP candidate Attar Singh, it has been a hectic one and half week for them due to the weather.

Attar Sing – NFP Candidate

‘As you can see this weather has not been very helpful particularly in the central area for the whole of last week & half, pocket meetings are generally small meetings with 15-20 people attending, when weather becomes bad then you can’t expect a reasonable turnout,’ said Attar Singh.

The numbers may not be there at pocket meetings but getting the message across is the most important aspect of such gatherings.

“Well I think the pocket meeting what it does is better penetration in the sense that we are able to reach more communities by large number of candidates in a short period of time instead of organizing bigger meetings for a longer period of time and you not too sure whether people are from that area or different areas, secondly larger meetings do not give so much opportunity to the voters themselves to be able to question party policies and discuss issues whereas pocket meetings are more manageable to discuss concerns of citizens in the area, what they’d like their party do, what their concerns are and the party’s able to respond more directly to individual voters.’

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