Heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker has pulled the pin on his planned fight against Englishman Dereck Chisora in London in April, frustrated at the failure to confirm the fight.

Parker’s promoter David Higgins has failed to received a contract confirming the April 21st fight and says time has run out for Parker to complete a minimum nine-week training camp that he would need.

Parker’s last fight in London was in July last year where he lost to Dillian Whyte after a seven-week camp and Higgins doesn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Earlier this month British promoter Eddie Hearn had said he was trying to arrange a heavyweight clash between Parker and Chisora.

Chisora, 35, has had 38 fights during his career, winning 29 of them and losing nine, including twice each against Whyte and Tyson Fury.

His last fight was against Whyte which he lost in an 11th-round knockout in December.

But Parker’s promoter David Higgins said Hearn hasn’t fronted with confirmation.

“We were dead serious we wanted the fight but unfortunately we have had to pull the pin because time has run out. Behind the scenes we have been seeking a formal offer and contract for months and they keep promising such but keep missing deadlines and now its at the point where Joseph would be compromised in his preparation so we have pulled the pin,” said Higgins.

Parker last fought in December, when he knocked out American Alexander Flores in the third round in Christchurch.

“Joseph is not desperate he doesn’t need the money so why should he roll over on other people’s terms and take short camp for short money when he doesn’t need to. So we will come back when the time and the terms are right,” said Higgins.

Higgins now hopes to arrange a fight for Parker in New Zealand in May or June, “with an opponent a step up from Flores that will advance Joseph in the rankings.”

Being out of the spotlight for too long won’t help Parker’s profile but Higgins in unconcerned.

“That’s the boxing business. If you take a couple of losses your ranking slips. The onus is now on Joseph and our team to earn our way back which is what we are doing,” he said.

“It’s a crazy business full of crazy people all trying to get advantages but in this case we are not going to roll over because some big promoter in Europe thinks we have got no other option – Joseph needs a win and it would be unfair to put him in against Chisora on a six or seven week (camp) and for short money.”

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