Psychologist -Selina Kuruleca says its very concerning that a 13 year old boy could come up with such a story.

A story that stopped the Nation so to speak and got thousands of Fijians talking about wherever they went and in the little pocket meetings that they carried out.

She was responding on the recent 13-year-old boy’s Abduction Case,that upon investigation by Police was falsified by him.

“Its indeed if it was true which is very sad unfortunately people just rode on that, now after the Police investigation and the statement by the Police, the story was made up by the child this is very disconcerting its actually very scary that a young person came up with such a story. One of the question that we need to ask is why did the boy use such a story which if you go on social media and go google website and you look under urban legends there are many similar stories but this is not true”

Kuruleca added that as Parents, Guardians and Teachers need to be Vigilant at all times.

“You need to be vigilant we are living in changing times, everyday danger of crossing the roads is there, everyday dangers of drowning, everyday stresses that our young people go through as parents we need to be there for them. So be mindful of the story that was circulated last week doesn’t take away the fact that as parents we must be vigilant at all times”

She has encouraged Children to seek help if they are going through some difficult situations, irrespective whether at home or at school.

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