Pacific Cement is looking to another three months of good sales.

FHL CEO – Nouzab Fareed says, Pacific Cement faced a lot of challengers within the last few months.

Though the company has been having issues with low production and low sales – they have set out strategies, to lift the standard.

Nouzab Fareed adds the only concerns they are still having is with weight restrictions.

“The weight restrictions, we are still struggling with weights on the Tamavua-i-wai bridge as well as on the road so we are evaluating all alternative options so it’s likely that we might use the barging as the better alternative to the road so you don’t see much cement trucks on the road but you might see Pacific cement on barges around Suva Harbour and Suva City.”

“During last month we have taken twice a barge of cement to Labasa and we saw that it is fairly efficient and we are not creating a problem for the ships, boats and on the roads.

So straight from Suva to the Lami Wharf to Malau in Labasa and we have taken more than a thousand tonnes.”





FHL CEO – Nouzab Fareed

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