Overseas investor, Gurdip Singh’s aim of contributing to the modernizing of the agriculture sector in Fiji has been praised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Gurdip Singh & Sons Limited at Tunalia, Nadi on Saturday; Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Viam Pillay said that it was the first time in Fiji for an overseas investor to invest in the modernization of the local agriculture sector by bringing modern implements at a large scale specifically for farming.

“Gurdip Enterprises vision is to develop and modernize the farming systems in Fiji and do farming at a large scale with the help of modern agricultural equipment and machinery and this augurs well with Government’s intent to modernize the agriculture sector in Fiji,” Pillay said.

“Governments five year development plan through the Fiji 2020 Agriculture Sector Policy Agenda is to modernize Fiji’s agriculture sector and craft farmers as the most competitive and successful in the region.

“Government wants all Fijians and investors to benefit from growing more food locally since Fiji is blessed with so much fertile land,” added Pillay.

He added Government had already put in place a number of innovative initiatives and projects that were making considerable progress for agriculture and one example included the initiative to waive custom duty on importation of agricultural items.

Gurdip Singh, Director and Shareholder of Gurdip Singh & Sons Limited said that the company was set up as a means to assist local farms become more modernized.

“In Fiji, we have experienced that most of the farmers have no tractor. Only few farmers have a tractor but are mostly old and do not have enough farming implements,” he said.

“There is no leveler, rotavator, sowing machines and cultivators, therefore, the company is also proposing to deliver each and every need of a farmer through import from India and also by providing land preparation services,” said Singh.

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