The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning traders to avoid skirting the law by not providing receipts to consumers. This warning comes as Council’s market surveillance team witnessed how consumers are not being issued their receipts whilst shopping.

Consumers Supermarket in Nadi was found on two separate occasions to not issue receipts to consumers. In both cases the Council had raised the matter with the supermarket manager accordingly.

However, the Council continued to receive complaints and sought assistance from the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services and the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission who assured that investigations would be carried out to ensure compliance.

The Council had requested an explanation from Consumers Supermarket for not issuing receipts but disappointingly the supermarket responded with the same excuse of having issues with their Point of Sale system.

The Council is urging traders to comply with Section 7 of the Value Added Tax Regulations 1991 and Section 56(1) of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 and Counter Inflation (Issue of Tax Invoices by Trader) Order 1998.

Receipts are a requirement as per Regulation (7) of the Value Added Tax Regulations 1991 which states: “Notwithstanding any other regulation, a supplier shall not unless requested by the recipient be required to provide a tax invoice if the consideration in money for a supply does not exceed ten dollars or such amount as the Minister may from time to time, by Legal Notice declare”.

For goods and service above $10, retailers or service providers are required by law to issue receipts to consumers. For any purchases below the sum of $10, a consumer has a right to demand for a receipt if it is not provided.

Consumer Council of Fiji strongly encourages consumers to be vigilant and demand receipts as receipts will be your best evidence when lodging a complaint and seeking redress.

Consumers are encouraged to contact the Consumer Council of Fiji on toll-free National Consumer Helpline number 155 should they need advice or wish to lodge a complaint.

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