The Queen Winners from the 2018 and 2019  Festivals will be able to participate in this years Miss Fiji Pageant.

This was confirmed by Minister for Local Government-Premila Kumar who says in this way, no one loses out and all the Queens gets an equal opportunity to Participate.

“Let me jut clarify on the Fiji Pageant when I was appointed as the Minister, I received the call from the organizing committee and it was very late when I say very late, the South Pacific Pageant was over, and normally when we have the Fiji pageant the idea is to send the Fiji Winner to this event to participate and again very short notice, although the committee was wanting to organize it but I personally felt it was a sheer waste of time and again it won’t be able to have that quality Event”

The Fiji Pageant was canceled last year due to time constrains. Kumar added they have set up a Timetable so they know exactly which town and city has their festivals so there is no clash of events leading up to this years Fiji Pageant. Whoever wins will represent Fiji at this years Miss Pacific Islands Pageant.

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