There is no chance of China or Muslim to takeover in Fiji.

These were the words of Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama while addressing the Ba Provincial Council meeting today.

Bainimarama said that these are total lies from those who are spreading this information.

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama addressing the members of the Ba Provincial Council that some political parties are spreading lies.

Depending on who they talk to, Bainimarama says they even try and divide the Indo-Fijian community.

“Friends, let me set the record straight once and for all.
There is no chance whatsoever of a Chinese takeover in Fiji. We owe China only 10.6 per cent of our total national debt and they are not in the position to take over anything.
There is no chance of a Muslim takeover in Fiji. Less than 5 per cent of Fijians are Muslim so they are not in a position to take over either. And Fijian Muslims – like every other citizen – are an integral part of our nation. They not only belong but are greatly contributing to our nation’s development. And that includes the AG, who more than anyone else, has delivered the unprecedented economic growth we are now enjoying.”

Bainimarama adds they are also spreading lies about the AG.

“The AG is my trusted partner and friend, and I know more than anyone how hard he has worked with me over the past 12 years for our nation and the advancement of all our people. We are a team and a great team. And his religion and my religion have never influenced the way we do our jobs. We work closely together for the advancement of all Fijians, irrespective of religious affiliation or ethnicity. And that is how it should be and the results are there for all to see.
Friends, SODELPA and the NFP know all this is true. But they think the Fijian people are stupid enough to be hoodwinked. And if this is happening already, imagine the lies when the formal campaign for the coming election

Bainimarama adds he has learnt about the re-emergence of communalism among Indo-fijian communities.

“See, this is the difference between the opposition and the FijiFirst government. While they lie and treat the Fijian people as fools, I have the greatest faith in the judgment and common sense of the Fijian people. And I trust them to see through the lies and exercise their vote wisely. They can certainly see with their own eyes the progress we have made under this government. And I know they will make the right choice when the election comes, not only for themselves but for our nation as a whole.”

He adds it makes him angry to see provincialism in the iTaukei community rearing its ugly head again, with talk along provincial lines and with parties picking candidates depending on which province they come from rather than what they can contribute to the nation as a whole.

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