The third event of the day had just begun with a total of nine weightlifters from nine different countries participating in this Mens 67kg Group A event.

The weightlifters for this category are as follows.

  1. ERGASHEV Adkhamjon (DOB 12.03.1999) of Uzbekistan
  2. YASIN Mohaamad (DOB 18.01.2000) of Indonesia
  3. ELTAMADI Ahmed Abdelghani Said (DOB 16.01.1999) of Egypt
  4. OZBEK Mohhamed Furkan (DOB 24.01.2001) of Turkey
  5. SMOCHEK Vitalii (DOB 21.06.2000) of Ukraine
  6. NGUYEN Quang Truong (DOB 14.01.1999) of Vietnam
  7. RASHIDOV Bunyad (DOB 05.03.2000) of Turkmenistan
  8. WEI Yunban (DOB 19.06.2001) of China
  9. GARAEV Zulfat (DOB 12.01.2000) of Russia


The World Records for this category are as follows.

Lift                                Senior                                      Junior                                                      Youth

Snatch            : 154 CHEN Lijun (CHN)    142 ERGASHEV Adkhamjon (UZB)       134 JEREMY Lalrinnunga (IND)

Clean & Jerk  : 185 CHEN Lijun (CHN)      174  ERGASHEV Adkhamjon (UZB)   163 JEREMY Lalrinnunga (IND)

Total                :   339 CHEN Lijun (CHN)   316 ERGASHEV Adkhamjon (UZB)     297 JEREMY Lalrinnunga (IND)


Officials for this event

President of Jury: MIHAJLOVI Milan (SRB)

Members of Jury: ALAVERDYAN Pashik (ARM), PENA Rodriguez W (COL), RIMBOCK Karl (GER), DELLA Shaw (FIJ) and WALLER Danielle (AUS)

Centre Referee: NORLANDER Thomas (SWE)

Referee: REJEPOV Mansur (TKM) and RIMBOCK Katharina (AUT)

Reserve Referee: HADDAD Mahfoud (ALG)

Chief Marshall: TRIOLO Joseph (USA)


Technical Controller: MAUNDER Philip (AUS) and VAKURUIVALU Manasa (FIJ)

Secretary: KISHKIN Aleksandr (RUS)

Competition Doctors: Dr. BALLAM Tucker (USA) and Dr. IRANI Mike (GBR)

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