The National Fire Authority (NFA) will be conducting its investigations to determine the cause of the fire that occurred at the Pacific Batteries PTE Limited in Wailada, Lami, on Friday night.

The NFA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mileta Seniroqa says that at 10.44pm, on Friday night, the Suva Fire Station was alerted through a call of a fire emergency and immediately responded.

Upon arrival at 10.51pm, the fire team saw Pacific Batteries PTE Ltd’s warehouse well involved in flames.

The Fire Team quickly used multiple deliveries of water from their fire trucks and fire hydrant supply to extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading to other parts of the building and two adjacent buildings to the warehouse.

Seniroqa adds that it was understood that the fire started from the middle of the warehouse where car batteries and other stock to manufacture the batteries was stored.

The warehouse contained a lot of flammable materials such as gas and would have contributed to a massive fire if it was not controlled from spreading to other parts of the warehouse.

A total of 17 firefighters and five officers were at the fire scene.

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