Fiji now has a new synthetic or artificial turf which will be used for both football and rugby thanks to Uprising Beach Resort.

Uprising Beach Resort director Rene Munch said he was proud to say this was the first bright green, synthetic turf for Fiji which could be used in any weather.

“We have been facing lots of problems during rainy seasons where the field gets muddy and unplayable condition which makes us cancel our bookings and that is why we have set up this turf which will help in playing in any weather condition, “said Munch

Much said this would also help in the development of football in the country.

“This is what people play on at the highest level so if we want to develop players and prepare them with the dreams of making themselves professional they have to experience what it like is to play  on this kind of surface which is lot more accurate, lot more fast and much injury free, “said Munch

“For Navua football, as we know now sports are facility based drive likewise success so this field will improve Navua’s performance with players training on a consistence field day in and day out and when you have better facilities you also attract more spectators which will benefit Navua Football Association as whole.

“It’s like if someone is moving in minibus and you put them in Ferrari once and I am sure they will enjoy and this filed is something new which will certainly help football grow in Navua,” said Munch.

Munch said they were happy to offer Navua Football as their home ground.

“We are happy to support Navua FA and offer them as their home ground and I see the player morale go up and for sure the spectator number will grow and that will be only way for Navua Football to grow as well,”

“Putting up the turf was not an easy task as it took us five months to set up everything, “Munch said.

He confirmed that they would also build a pavilion which would cater more than 2000 spectators.

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