Voreqe Bainimarama says that he will have meetings over the next few days and then make a decision on his cabinet lineup.

And for those who have earned a place in parliament they will now await the Prime Minister’s decision.

FijiFirst got 27 parliamentary seats and hold the majority in parliament.

Joining politics for the first time woman candidate Premila Kumar says it was a tough few weeks however hard work finally paid off.

“Well campaign period was very stressful and something I didn’t know would be so draining. My energy was at it’s lowest but we pulled through. Every night was a late night but we managed to get where we are today so all the hard work finally paid off and we will be forming the government. So that’s the good part of the hard work that we did.” – Premila Kumar : FijiFirst candidate.

Kumar has secured a seat in parliament collecting 1379 votes. She says should she be given a role by the prime minister she will deliver her work efficiently.

“They would definitely expect hard work,fairness and they would expect the problem they are facing solved so I will be in contact with the grassroots. That’s what I want to do to improve their issues better and see how they can be addressed through policies and the implementation of the existing policies that we have.” 

Another new face that will have a seat in parliament is Dr Ifiremi Waqainabete having 743 votes. With his experience with people around the country he looks forward to another challenge ahead of him.

“People from all over the country not limited to one geographical location, they realize how helpful I’ve been to their lives or to their family’s lives. In my service in health, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take that across into parliament and being able to show that I’m a person that is comfortable in whatever location and I keep on saying as a doctor you don’t get to choose who your patients are. It is who comes through that door and so I have the ability to maintain a relationship with anyone and I think that’s important with being a parliamentarian.” Ifiremi Waqainabete : Fiji First Candidate.

Stakeholders who were also present at the swearing in ceremony was the Speaker of Parliament Doctor Jiko Luveni, Former President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, RFMF Commander Viliame Naupoto, Corrections Commissioner Francis Kean, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem, Electoral Commission Chairman and members of the diplomatic corp.

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