The ANZ Premiership judicial hearing into the process around the suspension and ordering off of Northern Stars player Fa’amu Ioane has found the officials involved were justified.

The judicial officer confirmed the umpires followed correct processes but believed there was an opportunity to address supporting procedures and processes which may result in changes for the second half of the 2018 season.

The judicial officer also found the description of the basis of Ioane’s suspension created confusion although it was ultimately justified

Recommendations for possible rule-changes in the ANZ Premiership have been made.

ANZ Premiership Commissioner Kate Agnew said the thorough review had raised areas of interest regarding the processes around warnings and suspensions, which could be addressed mid-season.

“Because it is a rare occurrence in netball to have a player ordered off we need to ensure that the process is well-supported and clear for officials to implement and athletes and teams to understand,” says Agnew

“The judicial hearing has given us the opportunity to address some of these areas which may result in an update of or addition to the ANZ Premiership rules.”

“The ANZ Premiership continues to fully support umpires decision-making in line with the 2018 game management rules. All parties involved with the ANZ Premiership need to understand and recognise their responsibilities within the competition and any potential consequences of their actions.”

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