The National Disaster Management Office has activated the “National Emergency Operations Centre” for the incoming Tropical Cyclone Mona, that was formed yesterday.

NDMO Director – Anare Leweniqila, confirmed that they have officers to monitor on the ground situations, and are working closely with relevant emergency operators, for the safety of the general public.

Leweniqila said that they are also working closely with the Ministry of Education, on the list of evacuation centres.

So far no evacuation centre has been activated.

He advised the general public to take heed of all the weather bulletins that has been issued by the Fiji Meteorological Services, and also to take necessary precautions of the advisory that has been issued over the radio, and the constant weather updates we have on our social media platforms.

It is important to tie up or nail – loose items like roofing iron that could blow about, and possibly cause injury or damage during strong winds.

Also clear tree branches around your homes, and also ensure windows are fitted with shutters.

People who live in low lying areas prone to flooding and storm surges – to know your nearest safe high ground, where your evacuation centre is located, and your safest access route.

It is important for parents to ensure the safety of their children.

They must not be allowed to swim in flooded rivers or creeks – to avoid drowning incidents. Clear blocked drains around homes to prevent flooding. .

For motorist, do not attempt to drive through flooded areas.

This is the cause of most flood- related deaths in Fiji.

For mariners – especially small boats owners, you are advised not to venture into rough seas, and to avoid incidents that may cause loss of lives at sea, as we’ve recently experienced.

It is also important to prepare an emergency kit containing basic items like: a portable battery radio, torch and spare batteries; water containers, canned food, matches, fuel lamp, portable stove, cooking gear, eating utensils; and a first aid kit.

The public is advised to continually monitor weather bulletins and forecasts on the radio/TV, or the Fiji Meteorological Services Website.

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