Over 15 households, a church and the Primary school at Navuso Village in Rewa, will soon have access to piped drinking water after the completion of their mains extension project.

The $358,500.00 water project included the extension of water pipes from Qiolevu and Navuso junction to the agricultural settlers living along Qiolevu Rd and villagers who have relocated from lower lying, flood prone areas.

The work has involved the laying of 428 lengths of pipes, with proper bedding and backfill material. It also includes the installation of a booster pump 200metres away from the Qiolevu Junction to boost the water pressure up along Qiolevu Rd.

Currently, the community is drawing water from a borehole that is not sufficient to meet their needs.

Once the project is completed, customers will have a 24/7 water supply with adequate pressure, at the turn of their taps. The extended system will also have the ability to accommodate new developments, as Navuso is a growing settlement.

The project began on 16th of April this year and is expected to be completed by mid-August.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Samanmal Ekanayake, said that once the project is completed, the village should enjoy a consistent supply of water capable of withstanding dry seasons, and delivering an improved water system performance.

Ekanayake said WAF would continue to implement works that ensures Fijians have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

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