Its a two hour Drive from the Capital City to get to the Namosi Highlands and reach Navunkabi Village.

About 500 Villagers live in Navunikabi Village, hidden in the rocky mountainous region of the beautiful and pristine highlands, where most of the locals rely on the farming of root crops and fishing in the river for their livelihood and a Source of Income.

Owner  and Managing Director of the Namosi Eco Retreat-Daniel Jason who is promoting Tourism in the Interior Highlands. His Retreat established 3 years ago is located near the Navunikabi Village.

Jason spoke on some of the challenges faced by the Villagers.

He says most of the villagers use the river as a crossing to their  farms, kids going to school, and visiting the Health Center. The River is the main walkway for all of them and he added it would be of great help if there can be  some for of assistance  in building either a crossing or hanging bridge.

Daniel also highlighted the issue of waste management is also an issue in the village. His asking for assistance for an Awareness Education to educate their Children and their Elders on how to look after the environment, respect the land and just keep it tidy.

Their main source of income for the Villagers is through Farming especially Yaqona Farming.

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