The National Youth Advisory Board has an important role to play by assisting the Ministry in aligning its plans for the youths. Minister for Youth and Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou, while officiating at the Board meeting this morning stressed the importance of the group in assisting the Ministry shaping its services that is futuristic and youth friendly.
“As you know, the youth sector is diverse and we need to ensure that the Ministry addresses these needs – as diverse as they are. You represent much of this diversity and I look forward to hearing your views,” he said.
The Minister further stated that the Government through various other Ministries is committed to empower and guide Fijian youths.
“The Ministry leads the Government’s efforts in creating a knowledge-based society in relation to the youth.  Other ministries are also undertaking campaigns to empower youths.  The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has established the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme; the Ministry of Agriculture is now focusing its efforts on encouraging young people to take up farming as a profession,” the Minister said.
Tuitubou urged Board members to act objectively as they represent the voices of the many youths from around Fiji.
“I also encourage you to conduct regular consultations with youth and ensure the input provided at the Board reflects the feedback you have received. As a Board member, you are responsible for acting in the best interest of all youth and not your constituency. You bring to the table your own experience and this should be shared as part of your deliberations.”


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