The Fijian Government through the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services in partnership with the Germany Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) supported by the European Union wishes to shed light on the processes involving the relocation of 7 households in Narikoso village in Ono, Kadavu.
A series of articles concerning the project and Narikoso in general were published in two local newspapers between the 20th and 24th of August, 2018.
First and foremost the relocation project must follow all Fijian Government rules and regulations. These regulations govern land acquisition, the types of surveys that need to be conducted on the site and procurement processes etc.
Before houses can be relocated, prerequisite ground assessment needs to be conducted. Secondly, the site layout plans needs to be drawn and an Environmental Impact Assessment needs to be approved. 
The Ministry of Health and Medical Services will vet the site layout plan(s) and approve or decline the proposed site layout. When all the aforementioned criteria are satisfied the procurement of building materials and construction can begin. 
In addition, project funds are received in tranches, meaning a certain portion of funds are disbursed from Germany upon request. Funding is released after a finance report is submitted to GIZ.
These activities take time to execute due to the availability of equipment and personnel from respective government agencies. Also, the prevailing weather condition(s) is a significant factor directly influencing the execution of ground assessments.
Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction training is planned for the people of Narikoso. These capacity building activities are geared towards improving the overall resilience of Narikoso to climate change and disasters. The capacity building activities will complement the relocation initiative.
The project has completed all necessary ground assessments for Narikoso with the aim to begin construction in November, 2018. 


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