With the increase of Hard Drugs flooding our streets now more than ever before, a group of concerned Mothers from around the Capital City gathered this morning to discuss ways of Fighting to make our Streets safe and to try to keep Fiji Drug Free.

The Ministry of Mums Group Organiser-Ellana Kalounisiga says they are planning to come up with an Action Plan on how to tackle this very serious Issue.

She says methamphetamine is on the rise in Fiji and they are seeing the effects that its having on our kids.

She says the group is coming together to share ideas and personal experiences about some of the mothers talking about seeing dealers pushing it to kids and  they are talking about how they need to look at those people that actually need help and support rather than brushing them aside, because Rehabilitation is not just  incarceration for people.

She added  its important that all the relevant stakeholders  work together to tackle this very serious Issue

The Ministry of Mums plan to meet Monthly and are planning to have a Drop Center for Kids to keep them Occupied and Safe.


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