The recent Deaths of two young women from the Violence they faced in the hands of their Partners has sent shocked waves once again in our community.

Psychologist-Selina Kuruleca has expressed her concerns on this matter and says there needs to be an Alternative way to be able to deal with such Acts of Violence.

Kuruleca has expressed her concerns on the increase in the act of violence that has resulted in the deaths of two young women aged 19 and 23.

She says this deaths are unnecessary and there needs to be a lot more Parenting, Education that are targeted and Programs that are evidence Based.  She  says over the years some of the contributing factors  in such Domestic Violence Cases include Poverty, Lack of Education and various other issues.

She says Families of the Victims also need to seek counseling after such a sudden tragic loss.

She has applauded the work of various Non-Governmental organizations and stakeholders in creating Awareness on the Issue but there needs to be a Targeted Intervention.
Kuruleca says Better Intervention and Awareness Program needs to be put in place to make sure that such acts of violence in our Society is minimized and the Hurt is stopped.

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