The extension of the Government’s REACH program to the Lau Group will now offer chances for more community members to be able to access its integrated mobile service delivery outreach programme.

This was after a team of Government officials from 11 Government and one Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) jointly embarked on a 21 days trip with the intention to reach the most remote, providing integrated socio-economic and legal quality service delivery and not leaving any one behind.

The outreach began in the villages on all the islands of Yasayasa Moala before sailing up to cover Ono-i-Lau, Vatoa, Fulaga and Ogea.

REACH also expanded its coverage to the islands in the district of Kabara including Namuka and Komo before ending its second week of operation in the island of Moce.

The final days of operation were conducted in the islands of Oneata, Vanuavatu and Nayau.

Villagers on the islands welcomed the coordinated service delivery as they had the opportunity to interact face to face with the different agencies on legal advice, price control, farming best practices and birth and business registrations, clarify issues on land and chiefly titles that has been long overdue, repairing and electrifying solarised villagers, law enforcement awareness, women and health screening including dental services, FEMIS education to the school management, and issuing of social protection vouchers for social welfare recipients.

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