96 percent of the Fijian population now have access to electricity.

 This was revealed by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services,  Jone Usamate during the commissioning of the Dreketi Electricity Grid Extension Project yesterday.

 “As the Minister responsible for electrification, I’ve had the privilege of overseeing a massive expansion of access to electric power across the country,” he said.

 “This includes towns, communities, and some of our most remote maritime and deep rural pockets of Fiji. Our most recent census shows we’ve expanded electricity access to 96 per cent of the population, with nearly 80 per cent of the population who are connected to our national grid”

Usamate added that the provision of affordable and reliable electricity supply is the heart of economic development of any country in the world and Fiji was no exception.

 “Over the past five years, we’ve given funding of $224 million towards the energy sector,” he said.

 “That’s a historic amount of funding with 70 per cent gone directly to the funding of rural electrification projects,” Minister Usamate said.

 “Today you are embarking on a great journey. One that will propel the lives of your people for generations towards higher standard of living. And I assure you that this Government will be there to support your aspirations with more development, more services and more opportunity for every family in your community”

 Usamate will be commissioning the Seaqaqa and Balaga Electricity Grid Extension Projects today.

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