The Second Fiji Infantry Regiment (2FIR) contingent (FIJICON), assigned to the Multinational Force & Observers in the South Camp, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, conducted their monthly route march and range shoot this month.

A Battalion from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces was deployed into the Sinai Peninsula ever since the mission began in 1982. FIJICON provides security at South Camp and to the Civilian Observer Unit when conducting missions in Zones A, B and C.

The Contingent (2FIR) Commander serves as the Deputy Chief of Liaison and it consists of Headquarters staff and one Infantry Company.

FIJICON also provides soldiers to support the Force Headquarters staff and other ancillary positions throughout the Force in the Sinai.

Physical training have always been a major component to troops serving in mission areas for it ensures that women and men on duty are fit and vigilant to any given task whenever required.

Route marches are conducted on monthly basis but may vary at times as the situation faced in the mission area dictates the mode and concept of operations.

Morale of 2FIR personnel is very high

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