The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is conducting the COVID-19 vaccination (first dose)
campaign in communities across Viti Levu.

The following are the COVID-19 vaccination venues for Monday, 07 June 2021. Vaccination is
only available to the people living in the listed area. People from other areas/communities are
requested to wait for the vaccination team to visit their area. Prior notice will be delivered through
district advisory councilors, Turaga ni Koros (village headmen), community health workers,
representatives, and mass media communication.

The mobile team will visit households having HOMEBOUND individuals due to illness or old
age and are known to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for vaccination.

Those who are above 18 years of age and wish to be vaccinated, please present your valid photo
identification e.g. Joint FNPF/FRCA, driver’s license, passport, student ID or FNPF card to
register for vaccination. If you have registered, please be ready with your registration reference
number and a valid photo identification.

It is highly recommended that you self-register online for the vaccine at
For those who reside within the area listed for vaccination however, attend to work out of the area,
can be vaccinated next time.

For those who are working within the areas of vaccination sites, are encouraged to get vaccinated.
The vaccination campaign will last until all the doses are utilized.

Vaccination Area Registration and Vaccination Sites Time

Serua/Namosi Subdivision

Navua General Public Vashist Muni School Hall

Suva Subdivision
Greater Tamavua Area Twomey Hospital, Tamavua 9am-4.30pmValelevu Subdivision
Naveiwakau, Vunisinu,
Rokara Road, Delaivalelevu,
Delaitokatoka and Greater
Valelevu Area
Naveiwakau Methodist Church 9am-4.30pm
Nadawa Area United Apparel Fiji Limited, Nadawa 9am-4.30pm
Nakasi Subdivision
Drekeiwaila, Naidiridiri
Drekeiwaila Hall – Wainibuku 9am-3pm
Area – Ali Mohammed Road Ali Mohammed Road – Staff Nurse
Komal’s Residence – Wainibuku
(Mobile Bus and Tent)

Rewa Subdivision

Naganivatu Village Naganivatu Village Community Hall 9am – 12pm
Nakini Village Nakini Village Community Hall 2pm – 5pm
All Baulevu Settlements Baulevu High School 9am – 4.30pm
Delaidamanu Village Delaidamanu Village Communtiy Hall 9am – 12pm
Natoaika Village Natoaika Village Community Hall 2pm – 5pm
Only for staff
Mobil Manoca, Waste Clear
Almalgamated Sales Co Ltd,Dale’s
Shop – Dilkusha
9am – 4.30pm Covering Domiciliary cases Mobile Team 9am-4.30pm

Ra Subdivision

Drauniivi Village and nearby
Drauniivi Primary School 9am – 4.30pm
GOPD / SOPD and 18 years
and above
Nasau Health Centre 9am – 4.30pm

Tavua Subdivision

General Public Garvey Park 9am-4.30pm
Lautoka Subdivision
Drasa, Lovu and General
Natabua High School 9am – 4.30pm
Punjas Company Staff and
Domiciliary cases
Mobile team 9am-4.30pm

Nadroga/Navosa Subdivision

General Community, 18+,
SOPD and Domiciliary Cases
St Joan of Ark School 9am – 4.30pm
General Community, 18+,
SOPD and Domiciliary Cases
Loma Indian school 9am-4.30pm
General Community, 18+,
SOPD and Domiciliary Cases
Tuva Indian school 9am – 4.30pm
General Community, 18+,
SOPD and Domiciliary Cases

Lomawai Secondary School 9am – 4.30pmCOVID-19 safe protocols during vaccination:

 Do not line up or crowd at the vaccination site or in front of the mobile bus. Stay at your
home/ premises and wait for your turn. You and other vaccine eligible household
members will be informed when it is your turn to be vaccinated;
 Wear a mask;
 Wash your hands with soap and water or sanitise thoroughly before and after being
 Maintain safe physical distancing of 2 metres from another person;
 Do not get into close contact with anyone while waiting to be vaccinated;
 Ensure that the careFIJI app is installed on your mobile phone. To keep it active, switch
on your phone’s Bluetooth.

 Please refrain from going to the vaccination site if you are feeling sick or experiencing
COVID-19 like symptoms of dry cough, fever, fatigue/tiredness, loss of taste or smell,
shortness of breath/chest pain, aches and pains.

Call 158, get checked.

You will get a chance to be vaccinated, once you are well.
Pay attention to all announcements made by the vaccination team.

COVID-19 safe protocols are to be followed by everyone even after vaccination.
The COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses for full efficacy.

The date of the second dose of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine will be provided in the vaccine card

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