The Ministry of Fisheries will not tolerate any type of threats from market vendors who have had their crabs or fish confiscated during operations.

The smallest crabs that were confiscated today measured around 1.8 inches.

The legal size for crab to be harvested and sold is 5 inches and above and this is supposed to be measured from the left to the right of it’s back only.

The Permanent Secretary for Fisheries,  Craig Strong says that officers should be able to carry out their work without obstruction from vendors who do not comply with the fisheries regulations in place.

“Officers have been verbally abused and even threatened with physical violence. However, this will not deter us from our mandate of protecting, sustaining and managing our fisheries.”

“We will increase our presence in these locations and anyone caught in contravention of the law will be prosecuted,” said Strong.

“Awareness sessions have been held so many times in our communities and villages so there should not be any excuse for people not knowing the crab size limits,” said Mr Strong.

“If you as a vendor are serious about selling undersized crabs, then you will certainly face the consequences when our officers come around during operations as they will be confiscated on the spot.”

“We ask for cooperation in compliance as it our collective responsibility to ensure we manage our fisheries resources.”

The ministry is calling on the support of the public at large to assist them in their work via awareness sessions or even just talking about it within the family circles, in schools, at work and within the various social media sites.

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