The Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Premila Kumar has reminded Government Statutory Bodies that the Ministry is not be served, but to serve others instead.
In addressing members of the various statutory bodies, Kumar reiterated that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism was there to serve Fijians, to meet the needs of statutory organisations and to enable them to  deliver their targets.
“I want to assure that the Ministry is here to support you and I urge you all to work together with the Ministry in implementing the Fijian Government’s 5-Year and 20-Year National Development Plan and in moving this nation forward,” Kumar said.
The Minister further elaborated that while she has received positive feedback on the performance of the Ministry’s statutory bodies, more can be done to further improve the quality and delivery of their service.
“Let us not rest on our laurels, but strive to do even better. Let us think outside the box and challenge ourselves. I encourage you to come up with ways to further improve your standard of service delivery. In order for you to do that, it is important that you work closely with all stakeholders”.
“Organisations are much more likely to perform well when people work as a team. This is because good teamwork creates synergy, where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts,” stated Kumar.
Chief Executives, senior officials and Board members from the Consumer Council of Fiji, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission, Film Fiji, Investment Fiji, Real Estate Agents Licensing Board, National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development and Tourism Fiji briefed the Minister last week on the core functions, operations and responsibilities, implementation of existing programmes and key stakeholder relationships of their respective organisations.


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