Minimum wage and how secure people are in the settlement were some questions raised by the people living at the Muslim League Settlement during Unity Fiji’s Campaign last night in Suva.

Unity Fiji Party Candidate-Tomasi Vakatora said so far the feedback from people has been positive in their campaigns around the Country.

It was an opportune time for the people of the Muslim League Settlement as they raised questions on cost of living and unemployment.

Unity Fiji Candidate-Tomasi Vakatora said the Unity Party has a very good package for them.

“Well these places or settlement is typical of places. I’d like to highlight this are the kind of settlement that needs a lot of help, they are living you probably call them poor, we call them informal settlement, squatter settlements. They certainly need a lot of help that’s where personally a lot of our focus is helping people who live in this kind of settlement. And I hope to get the support because I think we have a very good package for them. will pledge to help them to try and help them to move to better housing and to improve the standard of living,” said Tomasi Vakatora-Unity Fiji Candidate.

Vakatora said most living in this settlement are unemployed and work at very low paid jobs.

“We know that the people living in this area a lot of them are unemployed or they work in very low paid work. This is where we need to have increase their minimum wage so they can have a decent living. They live in such groups as this they have a lot of aspirations but they are limited by their ability to generate income so they can live a better life.”

Vakatora added the same issues highlighted in the the last four years are the same ones still being addressed now.

“Where we standing today is still the same, what I saw when I came here four years ago its unfortunate but its the state of the Nations such that people living below the poverty line, the poor really haven’t seen any difference which is a disturbing and discouraging thing about it and we’d like to make a difference here”

Unity Fiji Party is been led by Savenaca Narube, has 28 Candidates contesting next Months General Elections.

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