The agenda on the day third day of the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma’s “Annual General Meeting”, was on education.

Many issues were raised by the members of the church, particularly on the decision by the Ministry of Education on chaplaincy.

A chaplain is a member of a religious institution who conducts religious services for an institution.

Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma’s Secretary for Communications and Overseas Mission, Reverend Wilfred Regunamada highlighted issues that were discussed today about consistency of paying chaplains.

Reverend Wilfred says some members of the church have raised concerned that the the government is not paying chaplains to be in school, however only pay for those in government departments and the Fiji Police Force.

Reverend Wilfred added the church is not only discussing church matters in the meeting but also addressing social issues.

With the theme “Keeping the Methodist Drua Shipshape”, the week-long conference will give opportunities to ministers and members of the church to raise and address issues they face.


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