Pacific Feminist Forum – working group member, Joeleen Mataele says this week’s 2nd Pacific Feminist forum has allowed its members a safe-space and a platform where everyone shared their journey and struggles to each other.

“The last two days has been a conversation of resistance, solidarity, revolution and it has been a learning process for all of us,” Mataele says.

“Solidarity has been the main message shared at the forum in the last two days and the forum has also been a learning process for many, and we all hope the event will be an opportunity for all gender and women of all diversity to get their voices heard.”

Mataele adds they would like to see participants advance their knowledge and also for their voices to be heard by leaders.

Over 150 feminist and human rights defenders from across the Pacific were part of the 2nd Pacific Feminist forum which is currently held at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour.

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