The Fiji Corrections Service today welcomed volunteer mentors for its ‘Sow A Seed ‘ pilot program at the Korovou Prison Premises in Suva.

This Rehabilitation program hopes to address the need for mentorship for these first time offenders.

Fiji Corrections Service Commissioner Francis Kean told offenders that change is not always easy, it comes with its challenges and that they should take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

Kean added that this program provide in mates the opportunity to have a motherly and fatherly voice of advise through out their time under the corrections care.

An opportunity, the lack there of believed to be a contributing factor for their conviction.

Senior Superintendent and Director Rehabilitation Salote Panapasa said their rehabilitation works focuses on acquiring positive changes and that the transformation process result in offenders becoming law abiding citizens upon release.

Gospel Church Pastor Rev Taitusi Tuvakaturaga said his contribution as a mentor to begin by empowering his mentee’s faith in God through the introduction of Jesus Christ.

Given that 60-70 percent of prison inmates come from broken families and are neglected by their families upon conviction, the program acts as an intervention to bridge that gap and ensure that these individuals have a motherly and fatherly figure to advise them inorder for progress, growth and change to occur.

The correction service is adamant that these pilot program has the ability to enhance the successful integration of offenders back to the community.

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