THE first batch of the Meningococcal C vaccine will arrive into the country today.
This was confirmed by the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar.
The National Mass Immunisation campaign will be administered to 333,876 children falling in the age category of 1-19 years at a cost of $10 million with the campaign expected to begin from the 14th of this month.
Minister Akbar said the conjugate monovalent Men C vaccine is safe and effective as it has been licensed for use in countries like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia since the 1900.
“The roll-out of the immunisation campaign will commence within days of the arrival of the vaccine. Initial rollout will be in the Central and Ra subdivision in the West,” Akbar said.
“It will continue until all the individuals within the target age group across Fiji have received the vaccination.”
Akbar is urging parents and guardians to support the Ministry’s efforts in combating this disease.
“Children attending school will be vaccinated at their primary or secondary school and kindergartens. Those children who might miss the vaccination at schools are required to go to the nearest health facility which will have teams to provide the vaccination.”
“This vaccination is just one part of the strategy to combat the outbreak. The other component of the prevention strategies have continued throughout the outbreak i.e. enhanced surveillance and early detection and treatment as well.”
Minister Akbar adds that for individuals at tertiary level, working or staying home who fall in the targeted age group can also get vaccinated at their nearest health facility.
“The ministry will continue to provide more information on the vaccination roll-out through media advertisements and awareness.”


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