The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is announcing the end of the Meningococcal C outbreak that was declared on March 20th, 2018.
This is after the recommendation of the National Meningococcal Taskforce following a steady decrease in cases during the period of the national meningococcal C vaccination campaign, which officially ended at the end of October, 2018. The last confirmed case of meningococcal C was reported in September 2018.
85 cases were reported from January 1st to November 25th, 2018, of which 36 were laboratory confirmed, 10 probable, and 39 suspected cases. Central Division recorded a total of 37 cases, the highest of all the divisions followed by 25 in the western, 22 in the northern and 1 in the eastern division. There were 6 confirmed deaths, of which 5 were children under the age of 5 while 1 was an adult.
While the outbreak of meningococcal C is officially over, the Ministry is urging everyone to stay aware of the symptoms. Members of the public are also reminded that the national vaccination campaign was only for meningococcal C, and will not protect against other types of bacteria, including our normally circulating meningococcal B, which remains rare but deadly. 
Vaccination for meningococcal C is still available to all Fijians aged between 1-19 years at health centres around Fiji.


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