The Marshall Islands will host the 10th edition of the Micronesian Games in 2022 after receiving unanimous support.

The Micronesian Games Council voted to accept the Marshalls bid at a meeting two Sundays ago in Yap, which is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Northern Marianas had also submitted a bid to host the next regional competition but withdrew their candidacy, allowing the Marshall Islands a clear path.

In the lead up to the decision, Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine had put her weight behind the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee’s bid to host the next 2022 Games.

In a letter to Micronesian Games Council President Bill Keldermans, Heine said the Marshall Islands government “wholeheartedly supports the bid of the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee to host the 2022 Micronesian Games”.

Because Majuro lacks most of the required sporting infrastructure to host the games, the bid will require heavy government investment into facilities.

But President Heine said the government was ready to shoulder this responsibility.

“We understand that by taking responsibility to host the Micronesian Games we, the Marshall Islands Government, must also assume the responsibility to build the necessary facilities and infrastructure,” she said.

“The Marshall Islands Government is committed to provide the necessary budgetary requirements to support hosting the Micronesian Games.”

This will be the first time for Marshall Islands to host the Micronesian Games, which started in 1969 with Saipan hosting the debut event.

Saipan has hosted the Games three times, Palau and Pohnpei twice each, Guam and Yap once.

The ninth edition of the Games concluded on Friday, with Palau topping the medal tally from the Marshall Islands and Guam.


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