Statistics from the Fiji Police Force shows – that the majority of fatal accidents occurred in the Western Division.

29 accidents happened in the West, from the 1st of January to 31st august, while a total of 16 was recorded from the southern, eastern and northern divisions.

Close to forty thousand drivers have been booked for speeding from the 1 st of January to the 13th of August THIS YEAR.

The Police has urged drivers to change their attitude about speeding before they become a road fatality statistic, or cause the death of another road user.

The road death toll currently stands at 46 compared to 41 for the same period last year.

Out of 46, 22 deaths were due to speeding.

39,616 drivers have been booked to date.

Drunk driving is also a concern as it is the second highest cause of road fatalities this year.

Seven hundred and twenty four drivers have been arrested and charged since the 1st of January to the 13th of August this year.

And to date, it had caused the death of 10 people on our roads.

However drivers are not only at fault, as pedestrians have also been the cause of accidents.

Four of the 46 deaths this year were linked to pedestrians being at fault, while two victims were pedestrians who were drunk when they became victims of road fatalities.

Of the 46 road fatalities, 3 were drivers who suffered from driver fatigue resulting in an accident which claimed lives.

The police is aware of drivers creating viber groups or flashing their headlights to indicate the presence of traffic officers,

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