Land Transport Authority (LTA) guidance is to take extra care on school roads to ensure safety of the children.

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson is urging drivers to beware of children on the road.

“There have been cases where children became victims of tragic road accidents and we can avoid this by taking extra care.

“Drivers are urged to be mindful of such important road safety tips; do not over speed on school roads, slow down your vehicle at school patrol signs, adhere to traffic signs, be mindful of children crossing at traffic lights and crossing signs on the road and watch out for children crossing the road from behind parked cars.

Simpson is also advising bus drivers to be cautious when children are boarding the bus and when they get off.

Moreover, parents and guardians are advised to educate their children about road safety, especially walk at right hand side of the road, cross the road when it is clear and when boarding and getting out of the bus as well as their behaviour on the bus.

“They must also educate their children to stand on the bus stand and bus bay pavement and only board the bus when it has stopped completely. Children must also be advised on safe practices while in the bus such as not to put hands and head out of the window or yelling which can be fatal,” Simpson said.

“These are very important road safety tips which everyone need to be mindful of as we are into the second week of new school year.

Simpson said that the LTA will also increase its presence on the road this year and will monitor such cases to ensure everyone’s safety on the road.

We will not hesitate to enforce the traffic law, especially when drivers are caught in it,” Simpson said.

“As per the LTA Traffic Regulations, drivers can be charged and we urge them to be mindful of this.”

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