The Land Transport Authority is reiterating its advice to drivers to be mindful of road safety.

LTA is deeply concerned with the number of road accident cases this year already as we approach the end of January 2019.

A tragic event took place on Tuesday which resulted in a fatality involving a man and a bus in Nakasi.

The seriousness of this incident serves to remind our road users that driving safely at all times is paramount.

LTA Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson is calling on all drivers to pay more attention to speed and always drive safely and never drive dangerously.

Simpson said that it is sad to reflect that the advice given by the LTA is not being taken to heart by a small minority of drivers who put the lives of themselves and other road users at risk.

Simpson is also advising bus drivers to be cautious, especially when passengers are boarding or alighting from the bus.

Pedestrians are also advised to take extra care and adhere to road signs and use authorised crossing places as well being mindful of vehicles on the road to ensure their safety.

The LTA CEO is reminding drivers that the LTA will be enforcing the traffic law and will not hesitate to apply penalties where offenders are detected.

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