As Fiji’s COP23 Presidency and environmental organizations continue to work towards addressing the challenges of climate change on a global scale, Leleuvia Island Resort is thinking global and acting local by banning chemical sunscreens on the island.

Building on its successful ban on single use plastic and drinking straws in March 2016, Leleuvia Island Resort is taking another giant step to protect it’s marine environment.

From August 1st, guests will be prohibited from using sunscreens that contain ultra violet blocking chemicals such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.

A 2015 study has shown that oxybenzone lowers the temperature at which corals will bleach.

The same study also showed that oxybenzone damages coral DNA inducing severe and lethal deformities.

Leleuvia Resort Manager Colin Philp says chemical sunscreens not only have a negative effect on the coral around Leleuvia but they also affect their on island waste treatment as any excess sunscreen washed off in the showers ends up in their septic tanks.

As an alternative, Leleuvia Resort offers mineral sunscreens, including a locally made product called Dilo Up, produced from Dilo nuts collected on Leleuvia.

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