Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar says regulations would be put in place for more clarity on how festival funds are used.

While speaking at the Township Festival Meeting in Nadi, Kumar says what they want is simply to hold all these committees who organize festivals and events to account.

Kumar says they have to disclose how much money was collected, how that money will be used and the only way they can do it is through the Local Government Act, where they can introduce a regulation.

Kumar says at the moment it is just a framework, a policy which is being placed on the table for discussion.

She adds later on they want to convert that into a regulation where the accountability mechanism will be clearly stated and each and every committee that organizes festivals should be able to disclose it to the public, particularly public events.

Kumar emphasized the public’s right to transparency and has called for organizers to be more creative and innovative, and include a wider section of the community to exhibit their talents at festivals.

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