Julian Savea has alleged Toulon fans have made threats towards his wife and young daughter as the fallout between the former All Black and his French club continues to grow.

Savea made the allegations after his wife, Fatima, said yesterday she feared her and her daughter’s life was “at risk” due to the “amount of threats and hateful messages I have received from angry fans”.

The fearful comments were met by challenges from Toulon fans, with one fan account on Twitter arguing that there’s a difference between constructive criticisms and personal insults.

“It’s Just dialogue and nothing else… We judge the performance of the player. The family has nothing to do (with that) and never will be touched. Never, absolutely never.”

Another fan decided to add their two cents to the comments, saying fans would “never come for a family and even less a little girl”.

The fan finished by saying, “we’re not thugs or savages. Talk to your wife a little.”

The last line appeared to sting Savea, who was quick to respond.

“Please don’t tell me what to do kind sir,” Savea replied.

“My wife wasn’t speaking about all the fans or you or anyone on Twitter. She was talking about the ones who have messaged her with threats towards our daughter on Facebook and Instagram.”

The growing conflict stems from comments made by Toulon’s owner Mourad Boudjellal last month, who said he was “not welcome” at the club anymore due to his poor playing form.

Savea hasn’t been selected for the two Top 14 games since the comments were made but prior had only scored one try in 11 matches for the struggling club.

Savea’s two-year contract with the club, which carries over to next year, is reportedly worth $1.65 million a season.


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